Hi All

I have been in Texas and will be going back tomorrow. I am writing some more stuff for the blog and will post some soon. My internet connection is bad where I am staying in Texas, but will try to work something out.
For my students – if you have been to our website you have noticed that there are 45 training videos now and I am working on some more. Ty, Jack and I plan to get together and do some more training sessions. I will do some weapons stuff if time allows. There is a lot of interest there.
Take Care and I’ll be in touch…
P.S. Do not know how long I’ll be working down in Texas – I want to stay at home and train. Oh well life goes on and I get to train Jack for a while.

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I have been studying martial arts for over 40 years. I am ex military (Marine) and have lived/traveled in some dangerous places. I have seen my share of what combat can do to people. The good and the bad.
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