Happy New Year

We have another year ahead of us. This year will bring more skills and new paths to use them .
Take Care

For my students check out Jack’s comment to this post.

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About JD01

I have been studying martial arts for over 40 years. I am ex military (Marine) and have lived/traveled in some dangerous places. I have seen my share of what combat can do to people. The good and the bad.
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6 Responses to Happy New Year

  1. Rick_M says:

    Hey Kids,

    Going to take the bike up north this spring hope to stop and see ya’ll


  2. Jeffzilla says:

    Good to see some old friends on here!

  3. Ron Long says:

    Thanks Jack for your statement. It is very very true. As a new student I am just beginning to scratch the surface of meaning, importantance, and significance Wu Chi is becoming in my life. There are times in training that I question if I can gain the skills and spirit I need to become a warrior, but with our patient teacher and encouragement of the other students, I know in time it will happen. It is a journey that I am excited and honored to take.
    Looking forward to seeing old students I know, and meeting those that I do not.

  4. JD01 says:

    This will be a good year…..

  5. jack says:

    Happy New Year to all, I hope it is a good and productive one for all.
    For the students of J.D., this will serve as the first of several letters that I will be writing. We all have one thing in common, we are bound, as brothers and sisters, to the teachings of Wu Chi. Ours is not a casual or part-time undertaking, it is a life shaping ordeal, as several of you are realizing.
    This year marks 25 years since I began my training in Wu Chi. I will be the first to admit the changes that I have undergone. J.D. can attest to these changes. The bad thing is that I have gotten lax in my conditioning over the years. I have fallen into the trap of overindulging and undertraining. For me to claim to be a representative of Wu Chi, I realize that I have to make some changes. It is you, my fellow students, that has prompted me to make these changes.
    Every time I talk with J.D. and he tells me how good y’all are doing and how much y’all are improving it is a reminder to me that I too have to continue to improve and grow. So I wish to thank each of you and wish each of you the best in this coming year.
    I am also going to throw down a challenge to each of you, I challenge each of you to exceed in your training, because for us to say we are Wu Chi, we are saying that we are the elite of the elite. I bow to each of you, my Brothers and Sisters.

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